2nd Homebrewers Festival!

15th June 2019, Warsaw/Poland

Polish Homebrewers Association (PSPD) – the largest Polish association of beer lovers – invites you to the second home-brewed beer festival in Poland! Brewers from all over the country will gather to share their passion for the art of home-brewing!


15 June 2019 


Warsaw, Poland


Why is it worth it?

60 home breweries, over 150 home-made beers for free savoring, as well as:

  • Lectures
  • Panel discussions
  • Live brewing performance
  • Food truck zone
  • Presentations of brewing equipment
  • Special festival glass every ticket
  • And a few other attractions… 

Have you ever thought about making your own beer?

You couldn’t find a better place to learn it! At the festival you will have the opportunity to get to know the brewing process step by step and discover how little you need to start! 


Many of the hobbyists creating dream of fame and recognition through their home creations. At this festival we make those dreams come true! 


Through our application you will be able to vote for the best stand and for the best beer of the festival. The winners of the vote will receive unique prizes.


You will be able to see the beer of your choice on store shelves all over the country!


Come to see, hear and taste the Polish beer revolution! 

Any question? Contact us on: fpd@pspd.org.pl

Tickets: available in 2019


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