Welcome to the official webisite of Polish Homebrewers Association (PSPD)!

About our organization:

Polish Homebrewers Association (PSPD) has been founded in 2010 and as of now consists of 16 regional departments in different parts of Poland. In 2020: 1350 members.

Meetings and courses
One of the main goals of PSPD is to promote and spread the knowledge about homebrewing. During multiple meetings and courses we teach not only how to brew beer at home but also how many flavours, colors and aromas are possible to achieve. We help both those who have just started their adventure with home brewing as well as experienced brewers who strive to become masters of their craft.

“Piwowar” Magazine
PSPD issues its own magazine – “Piwowar” (means Brewer) which is the only magazine focusing entirely on beer and homebrewing. Articles for the magazine are written by the most experienced beer experts, master brewers and beer judges in Poland. The magazine covers both most important news from beer world and professional texts about ingredients and brewing techniques.

Judges training and certification
Over last 7 years we have gained the reputation of experts in our field. We are the only organization in Poland that trains and certifies beer judges. Our alumni are present in juries of all brewing contests in Poland as well as many international championships. Our style description are used by all contest organizers, while our beer rating system is the most popular rating tool in Poland.

PSPD is also conducting many contests of its own – including the largest home brewing contest in Poland – Polish Homebrewers Championship that has been organized for over 15 years now and covers over 30 different categories. Our regional departments are also organizing their own local contests.

Our organization not only spreads the knowledge about the beer but it is also teaching the new way of drinking. We strive to show everyone that drinking beer for its taste and aroma can be so much more interesting than drinking only for the alcohol itself. PSPD is actively opposing excessive use of alcohol beverages and teaches conscious consumption.

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Out LinkedIn account: https://www.linkedin.com/company/pspd

If you want to get information about our Association please send us an e-mail: zarzad@pspd.org.pl